Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Someone is Six!

Ana turns six tomorrow. We had a party yesterday. Just three friends from school but they had a great time. Ana got a few gifts and now realizes she loves the Littlest Pet Shop. Her and Zac have been playing with it all day! Pizza, chips, and Creamsoda. What a blast.

Since I realized (when Ana turned 1) that I'm terrible at decorating cakes, I took the easy way out. White icing with pink letters and my little pony figures on top taken right out of the toy box! Too easy.

Some friends from school. These girls are tight and I really hope they all stay in the same school!

For a craft we coloured wooden figures that I bought at Michaels. They were fairly cheap and doubled as the goody bag. They also did an Easter egg hunt.

I'm not sure why this picture is smaller but ah well. The blowing of the candles.

Tomorrow is Ana's official birthday but we're just going to have a mom and dad party. Probably play some games and then watch the hockey game!