Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It is soooo HOT here. 36 degrees out 31 inside. Our humidex is 43 and man it reminds me of Ontario but everyone in Ontario has central air - Now I get why.

I've got the fans on full blast plus the bathroom fan on and the overhead stove fan (bc hydro suggests keeping these on to pull the hot air up and out of the house) but we're still cooking. The kids were groaning when I came downstairs to sit with them while they watched tv - but it's the coolest room in the house.

I really shouldn't complain - and mostly I'm not - we have rain for 10 months of the year so two months of intense heat is a nice break from that.

I've also discovered that I love going to the beach these days (well not today - much too hot). I've found a fun beach about 30 minutes from here called Hayward Lake. It has great sand and clean water and is nice and cool - very refreshing on these crazy hot days. I've been twice already in the past two weeks and will definitely go again. Sorry, but I don't have any pics of our lake outings. Each time I forgot the camera!

Sam is heading out of town next week for a few days of Action debrief in Fresno and then my parents come (yea - I'm so excited mom and dad). I'm sure we'll do lots of fun stuff. They haven't been here in the summer since before Ana was born.

Just a little update from our summer since Manitoba. I'll post some lake pics if I remember to bring my camera next time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And we're back...

After a ten month hiatus. I didn't mean to not blog for a full ten months but time sure can slip away from you. I won't try to catch you up on everything that's happened in the past months but I can say that Ana's now finished grade 1 and Zac is gearing up for Kindergarten. Those seem to be the two biggest highlights of the past year.

We've just returned from a wonderful holiday to Manitoba - the second official Cousins camp at the farm.

It was so good to be at gramma and grampa Dick's farm along with Nathan and Lisa from Ontario and their three kids: Kezia, Simon, and Jersey and of course the locals, Thom, Tara, Seth and Malachi and Mary & Jeremy.

The kids had a blast together - crafting, slip n' sliding, quading in the mud, reading stories and generally getting into whatever sort of crazy business they could. The adults managed some relaxing time - I even read two books although I'm pretty sure Nath beat me by two.

Here's just a few photos of our time away.

Sam enjoying the mud.
Ana and Kez with Uncle Nathan just before they got stuck in a big mud pit.

Not your usual slip n' slide!

And all the cousins

We're back home now for the rest of the summer. I'm looking forward to my mom and dad coming out for a week in August and also to spending some relaxing days in the sun. Even though it was raining when we left and raining when we returned I've been assured that there were some bouts of sun during the weeks we were gone. Hopefully we'll get lots more.

And hopefully this isn't my last post for the year!