Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June Tidbits

I actually don't like the word tidbits. Have you ever thought about that word - it just doesn't sound nice. Tidbits. Tidbits. Anyway. That's all I could come up with at the end of a long day. So it's June Tidbits!

Father's Day is in June. The kids brought Sam breakfast in bed and then left him to eat it all alone! It was sort of funny. This was for lunch/brunch which we had after church. Yummy pancakes with peaches and whip cream.

Zachary also learned how to ride a two-wheeler. He didn't really want to once he realized it was sort of hard (it really wasn't that hard - he did it on the first try but he couldn't get the starting/stopping thing down right away) but by the next day he was throwing his training wheels in the garbage (he saved them until daddy came home from work so they could throw them out together). I had to put in the crying picture since that is so typical of our days around here.

And of course, all boys need their first bike injury. I thought it was justice since he was riding where he wasn't supposed to be riding when this happened. He doesn't get that logic!

Sam went with Ana and her class to the Aquarium. The Aquarium had to be a daddy field trip!

Ana lost both her front teeth this month. The first one took forever and she played with it night and day until it finally came out. The second one came out wrestling with Daddy and Zac complete with blood and a bit of crying. (I think it was Sam's shoulder that finally did it in).

School is done for the year. It's hard to believe Ana is already done kindergarten. We have one last day tomorrow - a bowling day with the whole school. Ana and Zac are pretty excited. After that it's summer holidays. Good thing it finally decided to be summer outside. For a while there I thought we'd missed it completely.

In two weeks we get to see the grandma's and grandpa's. We're staying with my parents and Sam's are going to stop by for a visit since they'll be in the area.

Then Sam and I are heading to a fun sun spot to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Grandma and grandpa are excited to babysit and have lots of fun stuff planned for the kids (who are super pumped by the way).

Also this month I'm looking to pretty much finish up the rough draft of the novel. I don't talk about it much because it's taking me a terribly long time to finish. I never knew it would be so much work! It's going on 5 years this summer since I started and it's a completely different thing then it first was. Don't get too excited though folks - getting the first draft done is great but there's a lot more left to do. After July the next bit of hard work sets in. I get to read the whole thing and see all the glaring gaps in plot (which I know will be numerous), character development, tone, pacing, overall structure, and don't get me started on grammar, and then edit, edit, edit. That should take another 5 years (hopefully that is not the case - I'm already sick of looking at the thing).I'm also looking for readers after that so I can get some good honest feed back - Any takers (you have to be willing to be brutally honest!)

All this and I haven't said a thing about what Sam's up to! He's been working hard as usual (when I started getting up at 5 am to work on writing he decided that would be a good idea so he does it now too ((in fact he does it more regularly than I do)) ). I'm glad he gets to head off to do some Frisbee golfing with a few of the boys this week. It's an annual thing they like to do where basically they frisbee golf from the crack of dawn until sunset with barely a break for food and water before they're back at 'er. I better stock up on the Rub A5-35 stuff (is that even what it's called?!)

I leave you with a pic of my favourite little man in fine form.

PS: Can you tell I'm into parenthesis right now?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun Fair Fun

Ana's school had a Spring Fun Fair last weekend. It was so fun for the kids. There were those big hot air slides and a swing ride, cotton candy and popcorn. So very exciting!

We went with Darcie, Lexi and Xander. Zachary was glad to have a friend around. This was the favourite ride. I think they went on at least twice maybe even three times.

Ana found a friend from school and they hung out all night.

Both the kids decided they only wanted to spend their tickets on rides. There were games and a kids silent auction but they refused to do any of that stuff. So rides it was. (And of course popcorn and cotton candy).

In other news:

Sam's been gone for a bit but comes home very soon! We can't wait.

School is almost out for the year and I can't believe Ana will be going for full days in September and Zachary will be going to preschool three mornings a week. I won't know what to do with myself!

In just a month we'll be heading to Ontario to visit grandma and grandpa. We're all pumped about that.

I've started doing some after school care for one of Ana's friends from school. It's fun for her to have someone to play with and the little bit of extra money sure comes in handy.

I think I might be almost done the first draft of my novel-in-progress. Now on to making it actually not stink!!


A couple weeks ago a friend gave us their dining room chairs when they upgraded to really nice new ones!

I painted them (well a few of them- they're not all done yet) and bought new fabric in three different designs for the seats. Here is the first one that I completed.

I think they turned out great! Thanks Darcie and Jason!