Monday, November 9, 2009


Both the kids wanted scary pumpkins but I think they look a bit too happy to be scary! The kids refused to even put there hands inside and pull out the guts - Ana even started crying when she touched it the wet seedy goo - sheesh. So it was pumpkins by mom and dad this year.

Here they are with the masterpieces they had no hand in (except for picking the pumpkins)

We had a black cat and Spiderman. Ana had a cute black tail that I made out of a feather boa. She's the cutest black cat I've ever seen.

Zac's muscles were built into the suit - he thought that was cool. I found it at Value Village for only $10 (that's why the mask is a bit scary looking)

And of course - candy time. We had some friends who came over for pizza and then the kids went out together for Candy. When they came back they chowed on candy as much and as fast as they could in a half hour time span.

They're still eating candy but at least the demand has tapered off a bit this week and it's almost gone - hooray!

Halloween's my least favourite holiday so I'm glad its over for another year. The kids did not understand when I told them that and Zachary could not imagine why I hadn't bought any outside scary decorations like our neighbour - he informed me they weren't very expensive at all.

skating day

Last week the kids went skating with school. I was there for an hour or so and got to skate with both Zac and Ana. Only I didn't have a camera so one of my friends kindly took some pictures of Zac skating.

He did really well but wouldn't let go of the support thinger and also wouldn't let me help him which is so typical. He also thought he was AMAZING and so very fast.

Ana's home sick today. Not very sick but everyone needs a 'free' day once in a while. I'm hoping she'll be so bored she'll be begging to go back to school tomorrow!

I've been struggling with fear this week - mainly fear of H1N1. I don't know why since I'm usually not overly concerned about stuff that I can't do anything about. I think I'm mostly scared that I'll get sick when I'm supposed to be in Ontario at the end of the month and I'll have to cancel my trip. There's no way I could go stay with my parents sick right now - it would be too risky for my Dad. But Jesus knows whats up and I have to trust that.

Speaking of my trip to Ontario. I'm super excited and counting down the days. It's not very often that I get to go somewhere by myself and I'm even looking forward to traveling alone without having to keep anyone occupied except myself. It'll be great to see mom and dad and of course little baby Eli - my newest nephew and first one on my side of the family. So very fun.

Unfortunately for Sam it's a crazy week for the kids schedules at school with two early dismissal days and a Pro D day! Ha! I feel totally confident that he can handle it. It makes the trip even sweeter knowing that there's lots going on that I get a break from.

See you soon Ontario Family.