Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Holidays are Over

Yesterday we got right back into real life. I set my alarm for 6:30 and pressed snooze for 45 minutes. When I finally made it out of bed I realized I was the first one up - What? At the very end of holidays the kids decide to SLEEP IN! What about last week, or the week before. What about New Years Day when they were up at 6AM.

One good thing - I got to have my wake up coffee in peace and quiet before I roused them to get ready for school.

Ah school. I love school. I love driving the kiddos there and dropping them off and skedaddling away for a whole 2.5 hours of freedom. But I have to say that I also love picking them up and hearing about their day, making them a snack and then listening to the shenanigans as they burn off some energy. Right now I'm listening to said shenanigans in fact - from the quietness of my study - with the door tightly closed ;)

Anyway. We had some great holidays. Sam had the whole week off between Christmas and New Years and we did pretty much nothing but relax and eat. We completed a whole puzzle over the break (Zach loved it even though it said ages 12 to adult and Ana dejectedly declared that she was "so terrible at puzzles" as she fiddled with a piece or two, tried them twice and promptly gave up), we had lots of yummy food and read books, watched tv (the dog whisperer is Ana's new favourite show and what do you know - on boxing day (or one of those days) it was on for about 6 hours straight! And of course played the Wii which was the main present of the year. It's a load of fun but after Christmas Day was over Zach had to take a whole three days off to rest his very sore arm muscles from the boxing matches. Both the kids were groaning in pain after hours of boxing fun.

Here are a few pics (in no particular order) from Christmas. And it seems that Sam must have been taking all the pictures since there are none of him.

There was some great excitement when Ana opened up Geronimo and especially the brand new Thea Stilton books!

The top one is the kids bright and early on Christmas morning waiting to open their stockings.
Next is opening presents by the light of our fire (or rather the fire channel complete with the sound of crackling logs)
Me and Ana on Christmas Eve after church in front of our puzzle and Ana and Zach before we started to eat all the great food.

Happy New Year!