Friday, February 29, 2008

Keeping on...

It's another cloudy day here. I shouldn't complain as we've had sun for almost a week straight. My tulips are coming up and I planted some spring flowers. I must say - after 10 years living here I'm getting soft. If winter lasts much longer than February 1 I think it has been unending. Sorry to you Ontarians who are still getting blasted.

Life for us is moving forward at its usual pace. The kids are doing great and love that they get to play outside without their winter jackets and boots. I've officially packed our winter clothes away for another year.

Ana recently lost her second tooth and is generally getting into more big girl things like barbies and arguing with mom about every little thing! Another thing to note is that she is starting to get over her fear of animals. There are two friends in our complex that have cats and she loves to head over and play with them. One big reason for this is our visits with the Friesens who have a newly acquired very large but docile dog named Baker. We spent the Superbowl there and after about 4 hours in the same house with the beast she managed to become comfortable enough to run wild with the other kids. I'm sure it helped that Baker was so rattled by the racket that he hid in the laundry room for most of the time.

Zachary is his usual self and we get much joy from him. He may be a bit stingy with his smiles but they sure do light up the room when he lets them. He is spending more time with friends outside and loves to make roads in the dirt strip behind our house. I have a pile of muddy boots for just this purpose sitting outside the front door. I'm trying to decide on preschool for him for next year. Today I'm thinking it would be good if he went. It's hard to know how he'll be in seven months from now but I think I would like the break it offers.

We recently celebrated his fourth birthday. It was fun although he thought we were a bit stingy in the present department!

Happy Spring!