Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Esthetically Pleasing

I thought it was time I learned how to do some pretty basic blogger type things. I've been frustrated with the width of the window (it seemed so narrow) and unsure how to put a photo in the header. Both of these things were actually very easy to do. Who Knew? (Well probably lots of you but keep it to yourself alright?)

Another thing that random google searches recommends is writing the text of your posts in Word or Open Office. What a fabulous idea! The little window in blogger that is supposed to be where you write the text of your posts is teeny tiny and completely frustrated me.

I'm not totally certain about pictures yet but I think I've wasted spent enough time today on it.

It feels as if Summer is winding down already. It's been so cold this week that the kids are already wearing jackets when they play outside. School starts on Tuesday and Ana is excited to be back. Zachary begins his first week at pre-school on Wednesday. I get to go along for the first day which is awesome. He's also very excited. Especially about his new Lightening McQueen backpack.

Now that I have this blog thing more in hand I may try posting more (don't hold your breath – I said I'd try). I would love to be a bit more regular about it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ontario and Mexico Bound

This July we headed out to Ontario to visit my family. It was a lot of fun and the kids were kept very busy. Not one minute to be bored!

Grandma and Grandpa got Zachary his very own "Bible Man" suite. If you haven't heard of bible man you are not really missing out! Zac loves it though and wore it every day for the whole first week. Here are him and grandpa battling it out with some pool noodles.

One of the kids favourite things was to swim. My Aunt Pam and Uncle Zeke have a great pool and Ana and Zachary were in there pretty much every day. Usually for hours.

The goggles were a big hit and without water wings we would have been sunk(!)

By the end of the two weeks they were like little fish.

And...while they were having so much fun, Sam and I managed to escape for a week to Mexico where we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in fine style. We had so much fun reading books and sitting on the beach and snorkling and of course eating. It was such a great vacation.

One of our last days there we finally got to hang out with both Auntie Heather and Uncle Kyle. It was good to see you guys! We miss you!

PS: I had all the photos formatted differently but they don't seem to fit on my blog page - what's that all about! Sometimes I really hate blogger!