Friday, October 2, 2009


Lately on my sister's blog she's had lots of photos of food. Her, mom and Rochelle have been getting together to make jam, lasagna, shepherd's pie among other things. It's made me very lonely for family and I would have loved to spend a Saturday with all of them, cooking.

But since that's not really possible I decided to take the leap on my own. I spent a Saturday afternoon making perogies or verenica (which I have no idea how to spell). It was a very peaceful time for me actually. I thought a lot about my grandma who passed away last year. She always made the best perogies and the best pie. I thought if mine could be half as good as hers I'd be laughing.

So I called my mom and got the recipee and got to work. Rolling, filling, cutting, boiling and the best part of all - frying (in A Lot of butter)

I also made a berry pie that was really runny but so very good!

Sam said they reminded him of the first time we were at my grandparents house for dinner. She served perogies and farmer sausage and mine looked just like hers! They were very good and so far our arteries seem to be doing just fine!

PS: I had so many issues with getting the pictures to do what I wanted. Any tips from anyone? That's probably the main reason I don't blog more often!

Aren't they Cute?

So...I didn't manage to take pictures on the first day of school - I know - (honestly I didn't really even think about it until we got to school on the first day and all the moms had cameras).

But here's Zachary sometime during his first full week of school. He loves school so much, which I love. It has been such an easy transition for him which I thank God for daily.

The other day the kids decided to try their hand at taking photos of each other (and themselves).

Here's Ana looking goofy - taken by Zach.

The photo session happened to be during our daily "wart treatment" segment. Which has been going on for 3 weeks now with very slow success. First we soak Zach's foot and then apply the acid stuff. Zach used to think it was all great fun but we're getting down to the bottom now and its starting to hurt more which causes copious amounts of grief.

We're well into the routine of fall and I'm loving it. Ana is taking piano lessons, which was nerve wracking at first but is turning out to be totally her thing. I'm so glad she loves it.

She's also started girl's club this year at church which is fun. Its crazy how fast these kids grow up. I love watching the intense change between preschool age and kindergarten. Sometimes I look at Zach and wonder who this kid really is!