Monday, September 14, 2009

Missing Teeth and Back to School

So Zac lost his first tooth while we were out for dinner and the kids were with a sitter. He just had to call us to tell us. It came out while he was eating pizza! The second one came out about a week later. He was so proud - even the blood wasn't a big deal (and for Zac it usually is).

The two pics are of his first tooth loss, now you can just picture a bigger gap!

In other news, last week was the first week of school. I don't have pictures because I'm a lame parent who forgot her camera all week! But maybe I'll try to remember tomorrow and make it seem like they were pictures of the first day!

Ana's in grade 2 now and loves it. She's trying to be all cool and pretend she doesn't but sometimes she forgets and cheers when I tell her its time to go. She's also started piano lessons this year and absolutely thinks its the best thing ever. She practices every day (lets hope this lasts longer than a week!) and loves to show us what she is learning. I'm really glad we decided to do this despite her many objections. She also starts girls club at church this week which is also very exciting. I'm praying she meets some great friends at girls club quickly. Friends are so important.

Zac had a very long week of kindergarten integration. I'm not sure exactly why it takes so long to start full classes but it does. Tomorrow he gets to go for the whole thing - all three hours which includes lining up with all the other kids outside. Very exciting. He's doing so great. He loves going to school and hasn't cried once even though he thought he might because he did last year on his first day of preschool.

I'm enjoying fall, although I've loved the hot hot weather we've had the past few weeks. It feels like summer is having a hard time letting go. It's nice to still have flowers and stuff outside into September. But I'm sure when the cooler weather starts I'll love that too.

More as stuff comes up...