Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Week of Firsts

We've had an eventful week. Ana lost her first tooth. She's cute with such a gap in her mouth and even lisps a bit now.

And Zac broke his arm. It happened on Sunday morning at the early hour of 6 am. He was playing with Ana in her room, decided he needed to reach something up high so stood on her pink horse (which is quite large actually) and promptly fell off. He screamed something fierce and even after he calmed down a bit still whimpered everytime he moved his arm so we knew it was serious. Sam took him into the er at 7 am. The nurses thought he must have done it last night because it was so early - little do they know!

He is doing fine now and can even put weight on his fingers which is a good sign. He should have it on for 3 weeks. I'm just glad it didn't happen in the summer when the pool is out and it's hot and sweaty - that would have been less fun then this!

He thinks his "hard bandage" is pretty cool and just today started bonking stuff with it, including his sister, which I quickly put a stop to. He has already figured out that if he really doesn't want to do something he just says he can't 'cause I have a broken arm' in the most pitiful voice imaginable. All in all it's been good though - it could have been a lot worse!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Winter Wonderland

We had a snowy day - already our second of the year and the kids loved it.

Sam put up the Christmas lights. It's always fun to do it when it's snowing.
Making snow angels on the pavement - ouch!
The digger came out to play. Zac loves pushing it around in any weather but the snow was especially fun.
Just a little poser.

It's already December and that is amazing. Where has the fall gone? It feels like just yesterday Ana was starting Kindergarten. She got her first report card last week. It was all good but we need to keep practicing her fine motor skills - so that means printing lots of letters and numbers. I actually think she's doing very well at it but gets distracted at school with all the socializing that goes on so she has a hard time concentrating.

Zac is a snacker. He loves snacks - anything chocolate and with lots of sugar. Apples and oranges are not snacks and especially not carrots or anything remotely fresh! The other day he asked if snacks will make him big and strong. I said - not a chance buddy! He just sat there thinking it over than went on with eating his cookie. Right now the favourite snack is marshmallows and hot chocolate. Any ideas on how to get him to eat something else? Well I guess he does eat one other thing - peanut butter and honey sandwiches. If I ask him what he wants for breakfast, lunch or dinner it's always the same choice - pb and honey. BORING.

We just finished a great visit with Grandma and Grandpa from Winnipeg. The kids had lots of fun and so did we. We did lots of shopping, baking, making a gingerbread house, decorated for christmas, played games and hung out. Thanks for coming to visit gramma and grammpa!

We miss all of you great people who are so far away! Hugs all around!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Thanksgiving Visit

My mom and dad came out almost a month ago (yes, I've been slacking already on the blog front). We were lucky to spend Thanksgiving together. I love having them visit - it's always a lot of fun.

The kids each got one special thing from grandma and grandpa. Ana was so excited about her new kitty from Build-A-Bear. It was really cool there but way too many things to buy. We got a pair of shoes, one outfit, and pj's - all for little Rose.

My sweet little guy...

Sam and Grandpa out for a walk. The kids got tired so they ended up getting rides.
Zachary's special gift was a car mat. A wonderful invention that has offered lots of enjoyment.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Note the yummy pumpkin pie on the counter.

It rained almost the whole week they were here but we did get one nice day on Thanksgiving Monday and went for a walk in the woods by our house. It was beautiful and only a few slips on the muddy trail - nothing serious though.

On one of the rainy days Grandma baked cookies with the kids. It was a lot of fun.

Lots of extra chocolate chips were needed...

We had a great time! Come back soon.

October also had highlights for both Sam and I. Sam headed off to Thailand for a very quick (6 days) trip. He saw all the Asia missionaries who were together for a special retreat in a really great Thai resort. I was so jealous that he got to eat authentic Pad Thai and have this amazing coconut soup every day. Lucky!

At the end of the week he was gone I also got to go away. I attended the Surrey International Writers Conference in Surrey, BC. I stayed at the hotel for two night and attended tons of seminars and met lots of great people. I'm beginning to take writing a bit more seriously and have even tried to schedule it regularly into my day so I keep going on this book that seems will never be fully written! I learned lots of great things about dialogue, setting, characterization, how to create great villains, and lots more. I also got to hear one of my favourite authors read from her new (as yet unpublished) book. It was an awesome weekend.

While I was gone the kids stayed with good friends and had a great time without us. Sam picked them up on his way home from the airport and was super Daddy for 24 hours while jet-lagging! I don't think I could have done it.

Ana and Zac are doing great. Ana is loving kindergarten and Zac loves being at home and they're both still on the sugar high from Halloween. I'm a little nervous about the dentist visit this afternoon.

More to come after the next grandparent visit happening next week.

Friday, September 21, 2007


I don't have any new pictures to put on as we seem to always forget our camera when we're out and about. Sorry about that.

We've been having a great fall. Ana is well on her way to enjoying kindergarten! I spent the morning there yesterday with Zac. He kept wanting to leave but Ana loved it that I was there. She was nervous this week about not being able to write her numbers or letters very well but her teacher hopefully reassured her that school is for learning, not for already knowing everything!

Today is the first of many Pro D days. The neighbour kids are dancing to a kids worship dvd and generally creating mayhem in the house but I'd rather them here then watching Bratz over at someone else's! It'll be outside time when the level of screams gets to high for me to handle.

Last night we hosted a great woman from Williams Lake. She is speaking on TREK and is such an amazing woman who listens to God a lot. I love her tons. We had a great time this morning sharing and praying together. This is the kind of stuff that is too far and few between in my life. There is something about talking about Jesus with others who love him. It brings you closer, even for just a while, to the heart of God and you remember again how much he loves you. Remember it in your heart - not just your mind. Thanks Esther!

Some of you know that I enjoy writing. I've been practicing at writing a novel in my spare time and have been trying to spend at least a bit of time every day at the computer pounding out scenes. It may seem futile but I find that it gives my mind some much needed stimulation.

So here is something that I wrote a while back about autumn. It's just a paragraph but thought I'd take the plunge on posting it.


There was a chill on the breeze as summer waned and autumn rose in majesty around us. I lifted my chin slightly enjoying the feel of the wind as it played across my skin. It was not quite dusk and the birds were still aloft, singing, as the evening sun filtered through the trees, a play of orange beams adorning the path before me. The air was ripe with the smell of fresh cut grain and sun and the maples at the edge of the forest were wild with colour, bright orange and fiery red. I always felt that the beauty of autumn was natures way of celebrating the end of harvest, a congratulation on completion of the years most exhausting toil.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Days

This past week marked a lot of firsts for us. The first day of kindergarten, the first whole week without Ana at home for three hours, the first mornings for Zac to play alone, the first days of Sam riding his bike to work!!

Ana has done very well at kindergarten. She was so nervous at first, especially about recess but is getting more comfortable every day. She loves her teacher and her work sheets and is already learning lots of stuff.

We have done little things to make it better. For instance - recess has been very hard. The school is somewhat on the small side but even so it is daunting for Ana to be let out with all the big kids. The first two days she just walked around by herself and came home very upset with how scary recess was. So that night we prayed and also made a plan together to ask her teacher to walk out with her and also to ask one of the other girls in the class if she would like to play. It worked wonderfully. That day I asked Miranda if she would like to play with Ana at recess. She was excited to say yes - but only if Ana was 5 because she was 5 and only played with other girls who were 5. Thank goodness Ana is 5!! When Ana got into the car later that morning she said "Recess was great!" We talked about how Jesus had already answered her prayers for a friend at recess. (So far Ana is not to sure about praying because she can't see Jesus who she is praying to but we're working on that.)

Zac has been lonely for his big sister but is finding things to do. He has a morning ritual after we get home from dropping Ana off at school. He sits on the couch and is allowed a special snack and juice box - the same one that Ana took in her lunch bag. He can't wait for snack time! There is also still one neighbour friend who doesn't go to school so he plays outside for some of the morning.

I on the other hand have been loving this time with only one child at home. I can get lots done and it is fun to go shopping with Zachary and have special conversations, just the two of us. After my initial nervousness about school (I'm sure I was worse than Ana) I have learned to love dropping her off knowing that she is growing more independant and sure of herself every day. What a feeling!

Anyway, that is probably all for now. We are having an Indian Summer, it was 27 degrees yesterday and promises to be even hotter today so I'm sure we'll spend some time outside in the little pool this afternoon.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just another day

Zac just jumped on Ana's bed while the girls played

Yesterday Ana and Zac had some neighbour kids over to play. They played for a bit, flitting from this to that, finally decided they really wanted to be outside and left. The basement looked like a hurricane swept through it and took me almost half an hour to clean up at the end of the day.

I'm not sure what it is, but lately the kids are just growly. Maybe they are bored with summer, or playing the same things with the same people but... sheesh. So today they are napping and I told Ana I want her to wake up like Ana Joy - not Ana Eeyore. We'll see how that goes!

Ana and Zac were both enrolled in swimming lessons for the month of August. It was supposed to be the type of class where they transition out of the care of the parents into the care of the teacher. It started alright. Sam went in with them the first time and all was good. They both learned how to hum under water, float on their backs, and go down the small slide.

The next class was a nightmare. It turns out they have public swim on at the same time as the lessons so it was terribly loud and rowdy in the pool with kids jumping over the heads of the small kids in the classes, splashing and generally committing all types of mayhem. Zac lasted half the lesson then sat on the side with Sam, crying. Ana managed to finish but Sam had a chat with the manager and the assured him it would be better next time.

The next time Zac lasted about oh...1 second. Sam went in with him and ended up doing the class with him. Ana was ok but the teacher was too distracted by the other totally unruly kids in the class to do much teaching.

The next time Zac stayed home with me.

Ana went and was promised a freezie if she did the whole class with the teacher! It worked - and it probably also helped that all the other kids were not there so Ana had one on one instruction.

So last night I get the kids into the van. Sam is golfing and I'm thinking, I can do this. Zac refused to even get into his bathing suit so he was just going to sit by me. Ana was sure it would be great - she really bonded with Lindsey (her teacher) the last time. So we're standing at the edge of the pool, kids are splashing us and jumping all around us - but no prob, everything is great. The lesson just before us ends and I ask Ana - "Can you see Lindsey?" She's looking - nope can't see her. So we wait a bit. All the other classes start and a 15 year old boy, timid and not at all Lindsey, comes over with his binder. I'm thinking - this is not good. Ana sees him, gets the drift and starts sobbing. Not just her whiny "i don't want to do this" cries, but terrified sobs.

I ask him where Lindsey is and she's not there. Okay. I get Ana into the pool but she will not let go of my leg. Zac is slipping all over the pool deck cause his flip flops are slippery. I could stand in the most shallow end with my capris on but the new teacher looks at me and points - "we're going over there." I glare at him, take Ana's hand and say to them "We're leaving."

Here is Ana just after we left the pool.

Not too happy. Needless to say I think we are done lessons for the time being! Both the kids were crying again when I said that we wouldn't be getting freezies this time.

So ends the saga of our first attempt at swimming lessons. A few things I've learned:
  1. Don't take your small children to swimming lessons during a public swim
  2. Don't take them at supper time
  3. Don't take them together (fear breeds fear)
  4. Always offer bribes even if they don't always work

So, this sounds funny, but last night I was so frustrated. Sam was golfing and I thought I was ready to flip out. Thank goodness for friends! Cherie (from next door) brought over supper and we ate together until it was time to put the kids to bed (her husband Scott was golfing with Sam). I am very thankful for friends like Cherie who help me get in my quota of adult conversation when Sam is not home.

Something I was reflecting on today is from Psalm 34: 4&5.

I sought the Lord and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.

My desire is to always look to Him.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Day

Mountain flowers at Baker

It is hard to believe that it's only two and a half weeks until Ana starts kindergarten. She is excited to go to school every day but was a bit upset when she thought she wouldn't be able to come shopping with me anymore! I assured her that it was possible to go shopping at other times of the day!

After a surprisingly quick weekend we are back into another week. Sam is busy getting ready for a big staff retreat that he is hosting at the end of August. He spent today at Cedar Springs having a prayer day - one of the best ways to prepare for a period of business.

I'm at home doing yet another load of laundry (it never ends) and teaching Zac how to vacuum. He's pretty good at picking up the big things and loves to get all the stuff under the couch cushions.

Today I'm thinking about how God gives and takes away and how hard it is to understand the taking away part. Yet in abundance as well as in the absence of abundance we still must say "blessed be the name of the Lord."

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Summer Time Fun

We've had a great summer so far with a trip to Manitoba to visit all the cousins and grandma & grandpa and lots of playing outside.

Ana and Zac are good friends and love to hang out together.

It was finally hot enough to play in the pool today. We've had quite a cool summer with only a few hot days. The kids thought it was great that we spent the afternoon outside, lounging!

Zachary sat in the "floatie" for about 20 minutes. He floated about without saying a word the whole time. He just enjoyed the peace of the afternoon - so much different than his big sister!

After many people telling me that they were sure Ana had grown during the two weeks of our vacation I decided to measure the kids. It turns out that in the past five months they have both grown two inches. No wonder all the shirts show midriff and the pants are becoming clam diggers! It is crazy how fast they change.

My First Post

Well...I caved in and started a blog!

For all of you who are far away and for those of you who are close - we invite you over to our house for coffee. We look forward to sharing these small bits of our lives with you.