Monday, May 24, 2010

A Cold Summer

It's been a while since the last post and I do have reasons for this - the main being that our camera is not working all that well and every picture we take looks gray and grainy (which you may have noticed from previous posts) and so I feel that if I don't have pictures I shouldn't post - but really? I do have words. And since I'm feeling somewhat contemplative I thought I'd use them.

Now I know technically it's not summer yet but usually by May, especially out here on the balmy west coast, we are feeling the heat, or at least our version of heat which, at its nicest, is about a sweet 21 degrees C. Not the rainy and dreary 8-12 we've been experiencing. I think today it actually got up to 17 but let me tell you - it sure didn't feel like it. All that to say -- I'm ready for Summer.

Something happens when the days stretch on into the evening and the kids are outside constantly, the bbq is used daily, and exercise outside becomes fun again and that something would be a complete disregard for schedule.

Which is what has happened in spades at our house this past week.

Which means we now have to cram 5 days of piano practicing into 2, do a spelling blitz over breakfast along with a few times through Zach's reading book (thank goodness they're short and he's memorized them after the first go through), all the while praying that the absence of commitment to homework and such will not negatively effect their long-term educational pursuits or musical endeavors.

It seems that by the end of May I'm really done with it all. Driving to school, packing lunches, getting up early - or at least being presentable before 8:30am - pushing for homework and bedtime schedules to be adhered to, and lets not talk about bathing (no not me - the kids of course!). Who says summer holidays are just for kids. I, for one, will be one very happy mother when school has wound to a close and the empty days of summer are upon us, when my main scheduled job will be watering the flowers by my front door.

Last year I discovered a love for beaching it - thanks to a good friend who stayed here for a few weeks in June and July and spent every day off at the beach with a book and the sun and the water. She encouraged me to try it and I did and I loved it (and so did the kiddos).

Which brings me back to the Cold Summer woes. I've been waiting for a nice hot day to pull out my cooler, beach blanket and new towel bought at the end of last season, blow up the kids water rings and head out to the beach. I've already decided I'm going to do the work of getting lunch and all ready the night before so that we can leave even earlier than usual and beat the crowd for a really good spot. I've planned it in my head, retooled, and planned some more but alas - Cold Summer.

Yes, yes - I know it's only May - but dreams are good for the soul - No? And this one is keeping me going. Well this and the two week trip to Newfoundland (Cold Summer Expected) with the family.

What are you wishing for most this summer?