Monday, March 25, 2013

to savour: enjoy completely

Have been reading one thousand gifts and feel so heart swollen - tears threaten to break over at random times when I think of it. Her writing yes - but also the idea of gratitude being the catalyst for a fuller life. A life that savours. Isn’t that what I’ve been wanting? What most of us want? 

My tendency is ingratitude. Or at the very least a gratitude that is flippant and quick. The kind I don’t think about, not really. I love the authors idea that true thankfulness slows us down. And isn’t that when the savouring can happen? The growing, the intentionality?

It’s sort of like lifting your eyes to the sunlight, breathing deep, smelling spring. But every day. Even when it’s raining and grey and your floors need washing and the dishes are piling up and you haven’t done laundry for a week and you know you’ll have 15 loads (this could or could not be the case right now in my laundry room :).

It’s about finding the sun in the doldrums isn’t it? Learning to find the sun, not just being able to experience it when it magically appears. 

I have so much to be thankful for when I think about cancer and living. This week is 2 years since my first surgery to remove cancer and I am healthy and active and alive. But so many days I forget that I’m thankful. I stew and complain and give into frustration. I’m ready to learn to find the sun. 

I’m glad I overcame my prejudice against the overly marketed ‘next best thing’ and picked up this book.  


  1. Two years of living to reflect on, learn from, use as a springboard... and then maybe finding the balance of "living intentionally grateful" with "not feeling like a failure when some moments suck and it's truly okay to not be grateful". Love that you are open to the learning and sharing with us your discoveries / workings-thru!

  2. I remember you saying somewhere that you were not super excited about the book. glad it's become a blessing for you :) I still want to read it too...just SO much to read right now! It's on my list though!

  3. I am so glad you read this book,it is such a breath of God's fresh spirit to my soul, to stop and be grateful, truly thankful for the small and large gifts every day. I have a little book on my counter for my 1000 gifts, Dad ripped out my pages to make notes!! I am so grateful that he is alive and well, and can do it:)I will start again.

    Love you

  4. Heidi, I love this book!! I own this book. I'm so glad you discovered it. S.R.Smith says, "Thankfulness is the soil in which joy thrives." Wishing you much joy as you embrace living with gratitude.

    With love,
    Aunt Ruth

  5. Thank you for the reminder to not flippantly be thankful, but to pause there.

  6. it is a good book though I am still only half way through. Your post reminds me to pick it up again.

  7. "But so many days I forget that I’m thankful. I stew and complain and give into frustration. I’m ready to learn to find the sun." Reading that just gave me shivers. Congratulations on passing 2 years. All the best to you, Heidi!